How "Juggle Juggle" came about

In the summer of 2011, James and Rob sat in cafe discussing how they wanted to have a go at writing a mobile application. They discussed lots of ideas, all them already done many times already. Then they possed the question "what are we both interested in". Juggling was the answer, and a quick check confirmed there were not any actually juggling games available.

With in a few months we had the foundations of the game, however it took a further 9 months to actually turn this into a game. Release 1.0 was made in June 2011. We recieved lots of feedback on this release.... lets just say there was a lot of room for improvement. We had made the fatal floor of trying to design the game for everybody, rather than targetting it for people that actually might want to play it.

1 Year later and pretty much double the work we had done to date we have released version 2 of the game. We had completly re-worked the structure of the game and included lots of new tricks to learn and practise

Rob Mellor

Robs journey into juggling began while procrastinating from his high school studies. He had once heard that juggling is excellent exercise for your brain, as you exercise both halves of your brain in such a way that you're teaching them to work together, and decided that surely this would be more beneficial than falling asleep in books... True or not, Rob soon learned that juggling is fun!

Through trial and error and a lot of experimentation Rob soon learned some rudimentary juggling skills.

Rob has been coding since 1994 and it is his profession and passion

James Burrow

In 2007 James wrote a list of things he wanted to do that year, learning to juggle was in that list. Handily Rob was on hand to patiently teach him, and by the end of the year James was an average 3 ball juggler.

James has been coding for 20 years and does this for both a hobby as well as for work.


We are really grateful to a number of different people who have helped us develop the game. These include our partners who have put up with us doing "programming club" on tuesday evenings over the last couple of years. In addition we would like to thank the following.

Jo Chester

Jo produced 95% of the graphics for the game. She has patiently and adapted her designs, created all the graphics pieces we have needed to produce the game.

Gez Glover

Gez helped us produce the intial graphics for the game, we have him to thank for the "personalised" balls and the initial logo for the game.

Mat Brown

Mat performed the most complete and useful review of the early revisions of the game. Mat's constructive and insightul comments have really helped shape the game into its current state.